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OWK WZNAWIA DZIAŁALNOSĆ !!!! 10 lata 1 miesiąc temu #1

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kiedyś sie u nich zarejestrowałem mailowo. o ostatnio co prawda po roku od wysłania zapytania dostałem mail :



OWK -Areal has discontinued its activities by the reason that the Queen Patricia I. exposes it for sale.

We all, who have spent many happy moments there, we do not want to accept the idea, OWK will not exist any more hence we would like to introduce this Project, which allows not only to renew the activities of OWK, but also will considerable expand the present activities.

The aim of this project is to gather as many people as possible who profess the principles of the Female Dominance (FEM-DOM) by making an investment in shares in the new company, which buy the OWK back from the Queen (including the internet domains) by investing obtained financial means and will renew the operations of OWK Areal, even also with other new services such as:

· permanent presence of the OWK Guardesses

· year-long possibility to visit the Area for Dominant Women with Their slaves

· year-long slave training under the supervision of the OWK Instructress

· year-long possibility to stay in the prison

· possibility to apply as a long-term “domestic slave” for selected male creatures

· courses for Dominant Women beginners

· regular and frequent FEM-DOM weekends and other sessions

· enlargement of existing OWK area be able to organize another sort of the slave training

· further OWK expansion by establishing new “branches” in other foreign countries

It is obvious that there will be preferentially accepted the shareholders on every stay or slave training reservations or on participation in filming, in order based on number of their shares.

Another benefits such as discount on accommodation, discount on goods, free entry to new internal OWK web site etc. for shareholders is matter of fact.

Every shareholder will participate on prospective profit of the OWK, like every other shareholder in every „standard“ company. The shareholder can also make over the share in profit on his Mistress (or give it OWK as a present).

If all shares are sold out, we will start something like “stock exchange” on OWK website. You can sell or buy OWK shares there if interested.

It make sense to run this Project only in case we know how many share applicants we have and if there will be enough financial resources to repurchase the OWK castle.

That is why we give you only brief information for now.

After the Project is started we will provide you with much more detailed information.

We would like to ask the preparatory applicants of the share purchase in „new“ OWK to fill up and send us the non binding agreement below.


Madame Gabrielle

Madame Sarka

and all other OWK-Team

Preparatory, non binding agreement of share purchase in OWK

Your name:_____________________

Your e-mail:____________________

Yes, I have preliminary and non binding interest in purchasing

___________ pcs. of the shares in the price of 250 EUR (340 USD) / 1pc.

więc chyba to jednak nie upadnie :) zainteresowanych odsyłam. moze to i fajna propozycja ale troche nie podrodze na południe :)
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Odp: OWK WZNAWIA DZIAŁALNOSĆ !!!! 7 lata 8 miesiąc temu #2

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a mozesz przetlumaczyc na poslki jezyk ja bym sie skusil
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